Debra Collett

About Deb

Debra Collett was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois.  She's old enough to remember the woods before Northwoods Mall was built, who Reddy Kilowatt is, when gas was under a dollar, and she didn't "turn the lights off on the way out" because she never left town.

Truth is, writing books doesn't pay the bills. To support her literary aspirations, Ms. Collett has done some things that look impressive on a resume - like running businesses, holding key roles in accounting and financial advisory firms, and serving professionally in emergency management. (Details here.) 

Deb has also held a number of "great stories" jobs - like being a hot dog cart vendor in a Chicago bar, doughnut baker, stall mucker, bunny baby-sitter, cashier, waitress, concierge for a boutique hotel, goat-milker, copywriter, and a hilariously failed attempt as a popcorn boxer.

Somewhere between part-time jobs Deb actually graduated from college. In 1992 she was awarded two associate degrees - in English and General Ed - from Illinois Central College. In 2010 she graduated with honors from Moody Bible Institute with a B.S. in Biblical Studies.

Deb has been married 25 years to her best friend, Bryan.  They enjoy traipsing around in prairie grass with their "fur babies" as well as visiting/stalking/harassing their good-natured and tolerant adult children.